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FrDSchusterGod calls. We respond. A vocation is a response to a specific call that Jesus Christ places on our hearts. It is our individual way of living discipleship in the Church.

Our primary call, through the Sacrament of Baptism, is to be a follower (disciple) of Jesus Christ. It is to be a holy person. Within that first call to follow Christ, God calls us in specific ways to live a vocation to the married life, the single life, the consecrated religious life, or the ordained life.

Fr. Daniel Schuster

Vocation Director-Green Bay Diocese

Types of Vocations.

  • Vocation to the Diocesan Priesthood is a life of serving God’s people within the parishes and diocese by being a visible sign of the presence of Christ.
  • Vocation to the Religious Life involves living vows of poverty, chastity and obedience as a religious sister, brother or priest within community life.
  • Vocation to the Married Life is living committed love to spouse and family in a way that shows others the kind of love that God shares with us.
  • Vocation to the Single Life involves using the freedom of a single person to live as an example of great generosity and service to God and others.

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Michael Uchytil

Michael UchytilParish: Ss. Peter and Paul Parish, Hortonville
Birthday: May 10
Seminary: St. Francis de Sales Seminary
Seminary Address: 
3257 South Lake Dr
St. Francis WI 53235-3702
Pre-Theology I
Patron: St. Stephen

Proclaim the Good News:
By Christ Jesus crucified we have freedom from darkness and by His glorious resurrection hope unto eternal life!

Tell us about a great experience that you had during the summer of 2016.
This summer, I was blessed to spend a week and a half vacationing with my family in Rapid City, South Dakota. Though we see each other regularly, it was a fantastic experience to go somewhere and simply bond as a family. We were able to visit the presidents on Mt. Rushmore, horseback trails in Wyoming, appreciate God's handiwork in the Badlands and much more. Perhaps my favorite memory was when we were stopped by a herd of buffalo crossing the Black Hills Nature Trail and had them pass within arm's reach of our vehicle!

When did your commitment to the Catholic Faith grow deeper?
My commitment to the Catholic Faith deepened shortly after high school, emerging from a crisis of personal faith. Despite 18 years of weekly Mass participation, Christian music, one-on-one religious education lessons, and a positive, uplifting homeschool environment my parents had blessed me with, I was not sure I wanted to be Catholic any longer. Although I knew much of what the Catholic Church taught, I did not really understand why it taught these things. Furthermore, personal reasons also began to trigger a desire to potentially leave my childhood religion for a more accommodating Christian denomination.

So over the course of the following months, I set out to disprove the Catholic Faith, focusing primarily on doctrines and traditions that I either did not fully understand or disagreed with -- Purgatory, infant Baptism, and saintly intercession to name a few. I raised my objections with Catholics I knew and each time they were unable to answer my questions I counted towards disproving the Faith. Though I became more and more comfortable with the idea of leaving the Faith, it was the Eucharist that destroyed my entire strategy. Try as I might, I could not disprove it through reason, Scripture or Church history and slowly began to conclude that not only is the Eucharist the REAL DEAL, but that His Church upon Earth subsists in the Catholic Church!

Offer us a few words about one Gift of the Holy Spirit and how it has helped you.
The Gift of Fortitude has helped empower me to do things I normally would not do. It has given me the courage to honestly reflect upon my faith and life journey as well as give witness to others on how God has touched my life. Without this gift I probably would not have been able to give a witness talk for my parish or apply for seminary. Additionally, it made me more comfortable in discussing my beliefs and defending the Faith in public. Perhaps my fondest memories in the private sector will be my religious and political discussions with my co-workers and friends. Though some were uncomfortable at times, these honest discussions helped me understand and appreciate different points of view and hopefully vice versa.

Share an interesting fact about your high school years.
I starting earning college credit at age 16 by taking CLEP and DANTES exams and had accumulated over 90 credits by the time I graduated high school, which counted towards my accredited bachelor's from Thomas Edison State University.

Other than prayer, what is your fuel?
Water and strong, black coffee are staples in my everyday life, though on occasion nothing beats a good iced mocha!

As a priest, God willing, where would you most like to celebrate the Holy Mass?
I would like to celebrate Mass at St. Peter and Paul Parish in Hortonville as it is my home parish and enjoy how the entire parish sings during the liturgy.

Which saint should people ask to intercede for your vocation?
St. Stephen for his vision and singleness of purpose towards the proclamation of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. And through his intercession, I too may learn simplicity of life and be filled with the same zeal for our Lord.

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