Stewardship of Sharing

Stewards are grateful people who understand that all things are a gift from God.  We believe that God has been generous with us and we in turn need to share with others.

The scripture passage  "Where your treasure is, there will your heart be" (Mt 6:21) challenges us to look at how and where we spend our financial resources.  As disciples of Jesus, we are asked to carefully consider the needs of our Church and the poor when we develop a household budget.

As generous disciples, we are asked to return a portion of our financial blessings back to the Lord.  We support the continued mission of our Church through our parish giving and are also asked to support charities that lift up the poor and vulnerable in our world.

We are stewards, not out of obligation but out of gratitude and joy for all the God has done for us.  We believe that this joy is a sign of God in our world.


SS Peter and Paul Catholic Community

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